9. ♦ Rules of the BIKER



Gloves specifically designed for motorcycle riding will improve rider comfort and protection.

Motorcycle gloves generally have:

• A strengthened palm area shaped for riding.

• Knuckle protection.

•A fastener around the wrist to prevent sliding off (eg zipper and Velcro).

• An overlap with the jacket (gauntlet style).


Purpose-made motorcycle clothing provides better weather and crash protection than ordinary clothing.

In proper motorcycle gear you will almost certainly feel more comfortable.

Jacket and pants should:

• Be highly abrasion and tear resistant.

• Be tailored for a riding position.

•Completely cover your arms, legs and body.

•Secure around wrist, waist and ankles to prevent sliding up and exposing skin.

•Have impact and abrasion protection for your back, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees.



Like gloves, footwear designed for motorcycle riding will provide great comfort and protection.

Motorcycle footwear generally has:

• Strengthening in the instep between the ball of the foot and the heel.

• Ankle protection.

•Shin protection.

•A fastener around the leg to prevent sliding off. (eg zipper and Velcro).

•Have An overlap with the pants (boot style).


Other rider specific protective clothing includes:

• Back protectors to protect your spine in a crash.

• Kidney belts to support your lower back and reduce fatigue.