28. ♦ Rules of the BIKER - SAFE RIDING



A large number of fatal motorcycle crashes occur on motorcycles that have been borrowed.

It is an offence to allow another person to ride a motorcycle if they are not properly licensed to ride the particular motorcycle.

Even if they have the right licence and you know them very well, every motorcycle handles differently and it is easy to make mistakes on an unfamiliar motorcycle.

The best solution is not to lend or borrow motorcycles.


Riding at night, particularly on country roads is considerably more dangerous for motorcyclists.

The risks of hitting an animal, misjudging a curve or not seeing a problem on the road surface are greatly increased at night.

If you ride at night, slow down to a speed that takes into account these risks and the effective range of the motorcycle’s headlight.

You must not ride any motorcycle at night if the lights are not working.


Any passenger carried on a motorcycle (not in a sidecar) must:

• Sit astride the motorcycle pillion seat facing forward.

• Keep both feet on the footrests designed for use by the pillion passenger.

• Wear a correctly fitted and securely fastened approved motorcycle helmet.

• Be eight years of age or older.

• Not interfere with the riders control of the motorcycle.

A motorcycle rider must not ride with more than one passenger (excluding sidecar passengers) on the motorcycle.