3. ♦ Rules of the BIKER



• Depending on your prediction, you must decide how to react to the situation.

• Are you going to make your presence known by simply hooting or flicking the lights, should you increase or decrease your speed?

• Are you going to change direction only, or combine some of the above actions?

• Your decision will be influenced by the amount of clear space you need to create between your vehicle and the hazard.

• Always create as much clear space for yourself as possible.
• The importance of the SIPD (Search, Identify, Predict, Decide) process as part of the System of Vehicle Control cannot be over emphasized.

• Pedestrians bump into each other and apologise for not seeing each other. At the scene of a collision, one frequently hears one of the rider or drivers say:
          'I did not see you'.

• Many collisions could be avoided if riders or drivers would only search for hazards, identify ;them, predict the worst case scenario and then make the correct decision.

• Many riders / drivers approach a green light presuming that the red light for cross traffic will stop them. Frequently, drivers do not obey the red robot!

• Continually strive to create as much clear space as possible by adjusting speed or direction so that you have more time and space in which to react to any hazard, especially at night.